Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DREAM THEATER sudah bersedia dgn "A Dramatic Turn Of Events"

Bersama drummer baru mereka Mike mangini, akhirnya sebuah album baru dari band progresif metal Dream theater bakal dirilis 13 september ini melalui label besar US Roadrunner record..details album adalah seperti dibawah  sekian...

The "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" deluxe collector's edition exclusive pre-order box set includes the following: 

  • "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" album

  • Instrumentals of the entire album

  • DVD of "The Spirit Carries On" – a 60-minute movie documentingDREAM THEATER's drummer auditions

  • Double-LP set of "A Dramatic Turn Of Events" (180-gram vinyl in gatefold jacket)

  • DREAM THEATER branded custom turntable slipmat

  • Litho Print of album cover

  • 50 lucky winners will find a DREAM THEATER "Ticket For Life" (randomly inserted)

  • All content housed in a custom box

  • Receive a digital download of the album the day before release


01. On The Backs Of Angels
02. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
03. Lost Not Forgotten
04. This Is The Life
05. Bridges In The Sky
06. Outcry
07. Far From Heaven
08. Breaking All Illusions
09. Beneath The Surface

CD 2

01. On The Backs Of Angels (instrumental)
02. Build Me Up, Break Me Down (instrumental)
03. Lost Not Forgotten (instrumental)
04. This Is The Life (instrumental)
05. Bridges In The Sky (instrumental)
06. Outcry (instrumental)
07. Far From Heaven (instrumental)
08. Breaking All Illusions (instrumental)
09. Beneath The Surface (instrumental)

pd: "jadi buat theaters fans nantikan september ini!!"

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